BUTTERFLY EFFECT: Tim Tebow Kept The Green Bay Packers From Going Undefeated

tim tebow buttefly effect broncos

[credit provider=”AP and commons.wikimedia.org” url=”http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hofstadter%27s_butterfly.png”]

The Green Bay Packers would be 14-0 today if it wasn’t for Tim Tebow.Call it crazy or nonsensical or illogical, but here’s the sequence of events that shows you why:

  1. The Broncos bench Kyle Orton after a 1-4 start.
  2. Tim Tebow gets inserted as the starter, and immediately starts winning games in magical fashion.
  3. Elsewhere, Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel suffers a season-ending injury.
  4. The Chiefs start Tyler Palko, and he’s really, really terrible.
  5. The Broncos cut Orton since Tebow is the best quarterback ever.
  6. The Chiefs pick up Orton.
  7. Orton slices and dices the Packers in a 19-14 win that ends their perfect season.

If it wasn’t for Tebow, Orton is still on the Broncos, Palko is the starter in KC, and the Chiefs have no shot to beat the Packers yesterday.

See, even things that have nothing to do with Tebow have everything to do with Tebow.