OK, We Give Up, Tim Tebow Is A Miracle Worker

tim tebow wins over pittsburgh steelers

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The Tim Tebow experiment is back on!For the first time in his career, the schizophrenic Denver QB went and won a game all on his own yesterday.

Yeah, the Steelers played an idiotic defensive scheme that allowed Tebow to simply chuck up deep balls to receivers in single coverage.

But he ultimately put those deep balls right on the money, hitting his receivers in stride to they could run for big yardage, and threading a beautiful pass to a Eddie Royal for a second-quarter touchdown.

The Tebow we saw all year — the one who handed the ball off, didn’t take any chances, yet somehow pulled out lucky games against crappy opponents — couldn’t have won this game.

But of course, Tebow stepped up his level in the most important game of the season because that’s how the inexplicable logic of Tebowmania works.

Who knows if he can duplicate this next week in New England. And who knows if he’ll ever have this type of performance again.

But if nothing else, Tebow and his disciples can always point to yesterday’s game as proof that he’s not a fraud, that he possesses some potential to be a legit NFL quarterback.

So we admit it: he played well, he changed the game, and for once, he worked a miracle all his own.