The Real Reason The Broncos Got Destroyed By The Patriots Has Nothing To Do With Tim Tebow

tim tebow getting sacked

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Tim Tebow played exactly the same as he always does yesterday.But this time, the opponent was too good, his teammates made too many mistakes, and the Patriots exposed the Broncos in a 41-23 beating.

Here’s why they lost:

As it turns out, their defence isn’t as good as we thought. People have been obsessed with the Denver D in the past month or so. But we’ve seen them get gashed by fast, big-play offenses like the Lions and Vikings. Yesterday, without their two starting safeties, Tom Brady picked them apart and showed that you can score on the Broncos if you spread them out.

Fumbles kneecapped them. Denver’s game plan revolves around not turning the ball over. Yesterday, they coughed the ball up four times, giving the Pats easy points.

They aren’t built to come from behind. It sounds crazy considering how many late-game comebacks they’ve had, but Denver really isn’t built to put up a lot of points in a short period of time. They were dominating New England in the running game. But once the Patriots got up two scores, the Broncos were hopeless trying to pass their way back into the game.

Tebow made some terrible throws and wasn’t as accurate as he needed to be. But Tebow always makes terrible, inaccurate throws.

The difference yesterday was that he came up against an opponent that could score and keep scoring.

Tebow was never the sole reason the Broncos were winning games. And he wasn’t the sole reason they lost yesterday either.