Tim Tebow Will Be An Awful Distraction No Matter Where He Lands

Tim Tebow Trade rumours

[credit provider=”Illustration by Lorenzo Arguello/Business Insider”]

Less than 24 hours after Peyton Manning was introduced as the Denver Broncos new quarterback, the “Where will Tim Tebow go?” narrative has taken over.rumours are endless, with the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Green Bay Packers all being mentioned as possibilities.

Reports from earlier today state that three of those teams — Jets, Jaguars, Packers — and one “mystery team” are more serious about acquiring Tebow than the others. It is also said the Dolphins have discussed it further and are leaning toward not considering Tebow.

There’s a HUGE potential problem for any team bringing him in, though: Tim Tebow will become a massive distraction.

In Green Bay, New York, and even perhaps Jacksonville, Tebow would be the backup quarterback.

The second Aaron Rodgers, Mark Sanchez, or Blaine Gabbert struggle fans will begin clamoring for Tebow to get the nod.

Rodgers won’t be replaced, of course, but Sanchez and Gabbert are already not being thought of as surefire starting NFL quarterbacks.

The last thing these teams need is for Tebow’s presence to affect the psyche of their current QBs.

The Denver Broncos already experienced the circus that involves having Tebow on the bench while your starting QB suffers setbacks.

Tebow will say all the right things, making fans and reporters in his new city completely fall in love with him. So whoever acquires him will undoubtedly experience similar mania from fans and media alike.

Is it worth the ticket sales and media attention? Maybe.

Is it worth causing some locker room riffs? Absolutely not.

There’s also the issue about Tebow possibly getting the starting nod with his new team and struggling once he’s there. Do you go back to your old quarterback or stick it out with Tebow? Regardless, the result will be even more hoopla.

The list of Tebow suitors seems to be whittling down quickly and we suspect these potential distractions are the main reasons behind it.