The World Is Going Nuts With Tebow-Fever

tim tebow esquire

Tim Tebow led a 15-point comeback for the Broncos yesterday and they beat the Dolphins 18-15 in overtime.

And now, the world has Tebow-fever, and there are headlines to prove it.

Even in Esquire’s weekly ‘Monday Morning Cheerleader’ piece was mainly about Tebow. And a Dolphins cheerleader was featured.

New York Mag's Vulture got in on the action with this screenshot

Esquire's interview with a Dolphins cheerleader focused mostly on Tebow

Forbes focused on the economic gains from Tebow's start

On ESPN, Tebow is America.

Rovell points out the world's fascination with Tebow

And his pants are on sale on eBay for $5,000.

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