Tim Tebow’s Never Heard Of The Silly Little Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

Tim Tebow

Sports Illustrated

Tim Tebow is a decidedly focused individual.So if it doesn’t involve the Broncos opposing defence or the Bible, he probably hasn’t heard of it.

That includes the vaunted Sports Illustrated cover jinx.

“What is that?” Tebow, who appears on the front of this week’s issue, asked San Diego reporters on a conference call, according to the North County Times.

He later added that he’d never “heard” about it. 

While we are slightly shocked he hasn’t heard of the jinx, we’re not at all surprised – after appearing on SI’s cover six times while at Florida – it hasn’t affected him.

It’s going to take a lot more than a silly superstition to overpower the path God has put forth for Tebow. 

Next test? The Madden cover. A jinx the Broncos quarterback says he is familiar with.