Tim Tebow helped comfort a fan who was having a seizure following his fall league debut

Tim Tebow made his debut in the Arizona Fall League on Tuesday, going 0-3 and crashing into the wall on a deep fly ball. But it was what happened after the game that had people buzzing.

Tebow was signing autographs after the game, according to ESPN, when a fan started having a seizure. Tebow immediately went to the fan, and stayed with him until medical personnel arrived.

Tebow even said a prayer for the fan.


According to the ESPN report, Tebow stayed with the fan for 10-15 minutes, even telling his team to let the team bus leave without him. Tebow also asked for the fan’s name and phone number so that he could follow up later to see how he was doing.

Here is a video shot by a friend of the person who suffered the seizure.

My friend had a seizure at Mets game and Tebow prayed for him and stayed with him until paramedics arrived #Mets #MLB #ESPN #Tebow pic.twitter.com/eVMP8iZ7b4
— Whatever it Takes (@danielkellybook) October 11, 2016


Here is another angle from ABC 15 in Arizona.


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