Brace Yourselves, Tim Tebow Is Being Recruited For ‘Dancing With The Stars’

tim tebow dancing with the stars

Athletes are regular contestants on Dancing With The Stars.

Last season, Metta World Peace made a short appearence on the show, and Hope Solo made it to the semi-finals.

Now, Tim Tebow is being recruited for the show

Karina Smirnoff, one of the professional ballroom dancers on the show really wants Tebow to be her partner.

She told People:

“All I want for my birthday is for Tim Tebow to dance on Dancing with the Stars. Tim is a very talented athlete, that was clear when we saw his performance this past season with Denver. “He can run, jump, pass, throw touchdowns. All [that] is missing is to see if he has the dance skills. That would make him an all around athlete and someone that I would love to dance with on the show.”

Well Tim, what do you think?