A MAN OF GOD!!!: Here's How Twitter Reacted To Tebow's Fourth Quarter Comeback

Tim Tebow celebrates touchdown

Photo: AP

The Tim Tebow narrative is fascinating to watch.People love him. People hate him. There’s seemingly no middle ground.

Which made Sunday’s 18-15 overtime victory in Tebow’s first career start all the more incredible to witness. For three quarters, Tebow was, simply, terrible. Through the first 54 minutes, the Broncos quarterback had passed for 40 yards.

He’d completed four passes!

But in the final five minutes, Tebow led an 80-yard scoring drive. After the Broncos recovered an onside kick with just over a minute left, Tebow took the field down eight points for one final drive. He led his team to another touchdown and ran in the two-point conversion to tie the game. The Broncos went on to kick a game-winning field goal in overtime.

And with that, the Twitterverse exploded.

There was Tebow love. Tebow hate. And plenty of sarcasm.

The doubters were out in full force after Tebow struggled mightily for much of the game.

His passing accuracy was less than stellar.

So the Tebow jokes started flowing...

Nor was the man upstairs.

With little time and hope remaining, the Tebow bashing was inevitable.

And then he led two fourth-quarter touchdown drives. And a litany of exclamation marks ensued!

And more exclamation marks! Many more!

Then came the hyperbole.

And another by Lebron James. Which has become a story in its own right.

The Tim Tebow sarcasm was endless.

Tebow failed...so he could succeed.

Then came talk of Tebow's God-like abilities.

The healing powers of his hands.

And his ability to convert water into wine.

Even Merriam and Webster took note.

Darren Rovell dedicated his popular Twitter poll to Tebow.

And this tweet says it all.

Twitter's also been home to a number of sports feuds.

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