Report: Tim Tebow Picked The Jets Because He Thinks He’s Better Than Mark Sanchez

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Tim Tebow wanted to be traded to the Jets because he thinks he’s good enough to take Mark Sanchez’s job, sources told Gary Myers of the New York Daily News this morning.But did he actually get to pick where he went?

Before the Jets finalised the Tebow trade late Wednesday night, a report surfaced from ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the Broncos had allowed Tebow to chose his destination: New York or Jacksonville.

The Broncos denied it amid reports that Jacksonville actually had a better deal in place for Tebow (a fourth rounder and $5 million in compensation).

Either way, he’s in New York now.

Trumpeting the whole “Tebow came to NYC to steal Mark Sanchez’s job” narrative only makes sense if you believe Tebow had some say over where he was traded. If he did, we have all the makings of a QB controversy that could turn ugly. If he didn’t, we probably still have all the makings of a QB controversy, but it’s buried beneath the surface.

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