Tim Tebow’s Latest Miracle Was His Luckiest One Yet

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Yes, Tim Tebow played great in the fourth quarter of his miracle comeback against the Bears yesterdayBut let’s not kid ourselves — Tebow and the Broncos got insanely lucky yesterday.

Here’s why they won.

Marion Barber choked, twice. All the Bears running back had to do was fall down in bounds on 2nd down with Chicago up 10-7 and the Broncos unable to stop the clock with under two minutes left. If he simply falls over, Tebow gets the ball back deep in his own territory with less than 20 seconds left, and Denver loses.

Then in overtime, the Bears were a play or two away from bringing on Robbie Gould to kick the game-winning field goal, and Barber decides to dangle the ball away from his body and he gets stripped. If he’s protecting that ball there rather than trying to bust a touchdown run, Denver loses.

The Bears thought it’d be a great idea to go into the ultra-prevent with five minutes left. The Chicago D was dominant for the first 55 minute of the game. But then they get up 10 points with five minute left, and they decide to play their safeties 30 yards off the ball. This lets Tebow check down to his wide-open running backs all the way down the field.

What is Chicago doing there? They dominated Tebow all game. But when they get a comfortable lead they decide to call off the dogs?

The thin mountain air made Tebow’ job easier. The two field goals that won the Broncos the game were 59 yards and 51 yards. You just can’t expect both of those to go win. Credit Mike Prater, credit the altitude, but Tebow didn’t do his kicker any favours, and he had nothing to do with those two bombs splitting the uprights.