Tim Tebow Has Gone Back To College To Get Better In The NFL

Tim Tebow

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Nobody doubts Tim Tebow’s heart or his athletic ability. His mechanics on the other hand are a different story. And in an effort to fix that part of his game, Tebow has gone outside the family and has sought the help of a college coach.According to Peter Yoon of ESPN.com, Tebow is working out with Noel Mazzone, the new offensive coordinator at UCLA, who compares Tebow’s throwing style to a bad golf swing…

“He just came out here to throw and work on a few things and see if we can just become a little more efficient in what he’s doing,” Noel Mazzone said…”It’s kind of like a golfer who hit that bad drive…Every other guy in the foursome can tell you what you did wrong and all three opinions are different. We’re just going out and kind of going back to the basics and working on some fundamentals to try and become a little more efficient.”

Tebow has been working out with Mazzone and his son twice a day, and a couple of hours each time, since last weekend, with the workouts going through this weekend and “maybe longer.”

Last year, Mazzone was the offensive coordinator at Arizona State, and previously he worked as the wide receivers coach for the New York Jets.