Tim Tebow's Ad Controversy Infests CBS's Super Bowl

tim tebow

The raging blog and TV news buzz about Tim Tebow’s pro-life ad, the first advocacy commercial ever approved to air during the Super Bowl, is building up buzz around commercial spots in general this year.

According to surveys from Alterian, Nielsen and Zeta Interactive, the Tebow’s ad is by far the most discussed 2010 Super Bowl commercial on the Internet, according to the New York Times.

Over at Slate, Jason Fagone notes that the University of Florida quarterback has been preparing for this kind of soapbox his whole life:

Decisions about Tim’s career are motivated by a search for an ever-larger soapbox. Tebow didn’t choose to return to Florida to finish his education—”I’m a football player this semester,” he explained before the season commenced. So, why did he come back? “I believe that I have a big platform here,” Tebow told me last spring in Gainesville, Fla., “and I have an opportunity to help a lot of people here and influence a lot of people here.” So he stayed. Tebow’s success in college allows him to spread the good word in a way he might not be able to if he gets moved to H-back in the pros.

And now, CBS gave it to him.

CBS is rumoured to have closely worked with the Christian group, Focus on the Family, that paid for the ad. The network rejected several other ads, including gay dating site ManCrunch.com.

But all that could be a ploy to bring in more viewers and ratings.

With all that chatter, even game-watchers who aren’t interested in football will surely stay tuned to catch the Tim Tebow ad–and all the spots in between the action.

Will we have time for a bathroom break?

Watch Tim Tebow parody ads here!

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