How A Photographer Created The Viral 'Water Wig' Images

water wig

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Tadder

Photographer Tim Tadder was playing around with a new piece of equipment called a sound trigger when he got the idea to use it in a shoot featuring bald men and water balloons popping around their heads.The resulting collection of photos, called “Water Wigs,” has gone viral on the internet, appearing everywhere from The Daily Mail to Mashable.

“It’s really cool,” Tadder said to BI in an email of the photo sensation he created. “We are just glad others are enjoying them as much as we do.”

Tadder and his team found their bald models everywhere. Some were friends, some responded to ads posted on modelling websites. Tadder even used his UPS driver.

After testing the process on a child mannequin, Tadder and his team set up the studio. He explained the process of “creating” the wigs and shooting them in an email:

We set the subjects on a stool in a kiddie pool. We dropped the round balloons from above, and the long skinny ones we arranged on the head and then punctured with a pin attached to a long stick and the sound trigger. We used a sound trigger with various delays to get the shot at the right moment. It was very laborious. Usually I take thousands of shots in one session. We were lucky if we got 30 during this project. We shot this during four sessions at night – it had to be totally dark.

Now check out some more crazy photos.

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