Even Mitt Romney's Biggest Supporters Admit His Tax Plan Is Vague

In the absence of almost any concrete details about Mitt Romney‘s tax proposals, even his closest backers are being forced to admit that they don’t know much about their candidate’s plans for tax reform. 

In an appearance on CBS’ Face The Nation this morning, top Romney surrogate and potential running mate Tim Pawlenty conceded that, while Romney does have a tax plan, the details of what his policies would are still vague. 

“He hasn’t put out a specific plan to eliminate any of the particular deductions within the tax code, but he has talked very specifically about how he would reform, reduce, and slow down government spending overall,” Pawlenty said. 

Romney has proposed cutting individual income taxes by 20% across the board, but has yet to specify which tax deductions he would eliminate to make up for that lost revenue. 

Defending his candidate’s lack of policy detail, Pawlenty then tried to deflect the criticism on to Romney’s Democratic opponent:

“We have in the white house now, the President of the United States, the leader of our nation, who has not put out specific proposals on some of the most pressing issues of the day. For example, where is President Obama’s specific proposal on reforming Medicaid and Medicare? 

To conclude, he took it one step further: 

“I’ll come to your house, Bob Schieffer, and mow your lawn, if you can find President Obama’s specific proposals on reforming entitlements in this country,” he said. “Let’s hold him accountable as well.” 

Watch the full interview below: 

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