Tim O’Reilly’s favourite Startup

tim o'reilly

[credit provider=”Guardian” url=”http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/pda/2011/mar/12/sxsw-2011-tim-oreilly”]

In the kickoff session of SXSW, Jason Calcanis of Mahalo interviewed Tim O’Reilly of tech book publishing fame. According to the program, Calcanis hoped to uncover “the secrets of Tim’s success, and how year-after-year, and decade-after-decade, he remains relevant and engaged.”When Calcanis asked O’Reilly if he had a favourite startup, O’Reilly named Fluidinfo. This shouldn’t be too big a surprise – O’Reilly is on Fluidinfo’s advisory board.

“Terry Jones, the guy behind it, isn’t sure himself if it will work,” said O’Reilly.

We’ve spoken previously to Jones. He said that Fluidinfo is an effort to “make the world writable.” It’s most comparable to Wikipedia on a larger scale, like that of the web itself. All entries are editable by anyone, but there are controls on which fields each user can edit as well. So anyone can attach their own opinion to an entry in Fluidinfo’s database.

If it sounds complex, it’s because it is. Robert Scoble previously described Fluidinfo as the “unfundable world-changing startup.”