REVEALED: This Market Maker Dropped His Pants During The Euro 2012 Quarter Finals

Everyone is talking about 35-year-old U.K.-based options market maker Tim O’Leary today.

That’s because he been identified as the now-notorious England soccer fan who dropped his pants in an effort to distract Italy’s Alessandro Diamanti during the final penalty shootout on Sunday at the Euro 2012 quarter finals, according to The Sun

Sadly, his flashing effort, which occurred in front of 23 million television viewers, didn’t work out and Italy scored the goal.

O’Leary, who runs his own trading firm, told The Sun it was a “spur of the moment thing” and his wife, who is eight months pregnant, thought it was “hilarious.” 

Check out the shot below.  (We edited it so it’s safe for work)

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Soccer Fan Dropping His Pants

Photo: twitpic/AndrewBloch with photoshop by Julia La Roche

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