'This is un-American!': Former Jeb Bush spokesman clashes in fierce marathon battle with Trump supporter

A former spokesman for Jeb Bush clashed with a Donald Trump supporter during a heated Thursday segment on CNN.

Tim Miller, who served as communications director for Bush during the 2016 campaign, battled Harlan Hill, a Bernie Sanders supporter backing Trump, in a six-minute segment that tackled polling data and WikiLeaks.

The debate quickly went off the rails, with Miller knocking Hill and other Trump supporters for “immediately” resorting to “conspiracy theories” when “things aren’t going their way.”

Here’s the full CNN segment where former Jeb Bush comms director @Timodc battles Bernie supporter for Trump @Harlan pic.twitter.com/UW42zycZAr
— Oliver Darcy (@oliverdarcy) October 20, 2016

Miller then threw gasoline on the flaming debate when he accused Trump of running an “un-American” campaign.

“This is un-American!” he exclaimed. “The campaign they are running is un-American.”

“I’m frankly shocked by the fact you are a Republican defending Hillary Clinton,” Hill quipped. 

“You were for Bernie Sanders! Don’t lecture me on being a Republican,” Miller shot back.

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