Tim Howard Was Randomly Drug Tested After His Huge World Cup Performance

Tim Howard produced one of the best performances ever by a goalkeeper at the World Cup when he turned away 16 shots in the U.S. national team’s loss to Belgium.

On the morning after the game, ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike Show” asked Howard what the reaction after the game was like in the locker room when Howard revealed that he was unable to immediately join his teammates in the locker room because FIFA chose him for another random drug test.

Howard did sound at least a bit sceptical about how “random” the test was.

“I got dragged into drug testing, again, randomly,” Howard told ESPN Radio. “So I didn’t hear all of [the reactions].”

It is unclear how many players were randomly drug tested and there are only 23 players on the roster, so it may not be that surprising that Howard was selected. But Howard does suggest that he was a little surprised to be picked “again.”

He later laughed when he was asked if the “randomness went out of the drug test” after the 10th or 11th save and replied, “maybe.” Here are the comments.

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