Fashion Legend Tim Gunn Has Some Complaints About Those New NBA Uniforms With Sleeves

Golden State Warriors

Photo: Golden State Warriors

Long-time Project Runway host Tim Gunn critiqued the new, controversial Golden State Warriors uniforms that feature sleeves.Here’s what he said on Twitter when prompted by Warriors beat writer Marcus Thompson:

“If the Warriors’ shorts were four inches shorter, I would give the look a thumbs-up. I like the short sleeves and the colour is fresh. But why aren’t their shoes uniform? Three guys and three different yellow shoes?”

So it’s not a complete disaster.

Good luck getting NBA players to budge on the shoe thing, though. Warriors point guard Jarrett Jack is one of the league’s biggest sneakerheads, and he refuses to wear the same pair of shoes twice in a season.

Here are the uniforms:

Golden State Warriors

Photo: Adidas and Golden State Warriors

As a reminder, here’s Tim Gunn. He’s the guy who coined the phrase, “Make it work.”

Tim Gunn

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