Tim Flannery Says He Is Going To Relaunch The Climate Commission After Tony Abbott Axed It

Photo: Getty/ Andrew Sheargold

The Climate Commission will be relaunched with private donations after it was axed by Tony Abbott shortly after the Coalition was sworn in.

Tim Flannery, the outgoing head of the commission, has told The Guardian several backers have contacted him to donate money, and that the climate change advice group will continue to operate.

“We haven’t got a huge amount of money in the bank, but there’s enough seed money there for us to get started and then put in place a subscription model to see us through,” said Flannery in the article.

“The people who contacted us feel very strongly that they don’t want to be left in the dark over climate change. We’ve had hundreds of people get in touch from, I must say, across the political spectrum, from hardcore libertarians to the deepest greenies. You would be astonished to know who is supporting us.”

The Climate Commission was one of several departments which the incoming Abbott government ordered to be dismantled, in line with the prime minister’s pledge to cut down on waste.

The body was established to advise on the science and economics of carbon pricing. After being sworn in, Abbott’s first move as PM was to order the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to draft legislation to scrap the carbon tax.

While in opposition the Prime Minister described the September 7 federal election as a “referendum” on the tax.

There is more here.

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