Tim Flannery Has Been Sacked And The Coalition Has Begun To Dismantle The Climate Commission

Photo: Getty/ Andrew Sheargold

New environment minister Greg Hunt has called Tim Flannery, the head of the Climate Commission, to tell him he’s been sacked and that the department is being dismantled.

According to a report by News Corp Australia Hunt called Flannery this morning to tell him a termination letter was in the mail.

Reportedly, this is what the letter says:

“The Climate Commission does not have an ongoing role, and consequently I am writing to advise you that the Climate Commission has been dissolved, with effect from the date of this letter.

The move comes as the Coalition takes steps to follow through on its promise to cut down on government waste. Reportedly all other climate change commissioners are also being sacked to save $500,000 this year and $1.2 million next financial year.

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