The 12 Best Things Tim Cook Has Ever Said

Tim Cook Smiling

Photo: AP Images

Tim Cook doesn’t get enough credit.For years, people have argued that Cook can’t possibly fill the shoes of Steve Jobs.

Yet, the company’s stock has soared under his watch and Cook has shown some excellent leadership in handling the labour controversies at Apple’s manufacturing plants.

One reason for the doubt may simply be that people don’t know much about him. Cook is low key, doesn’t give many in-depth interviews, has had no major biographies written about him, and really only comes out of the woodwork for earnings calls and product releases.

Still, there are plenty of great quotes that provide a glimpse into Cook’s background and the way he operates. Here are some favourites…

What Steve Jobs meant to him...

On Foxconn: We will not turn a blind eye to the problems

'I'd highly prefer to settle versus battle ... I've always hated litigation. We need people to invent their own stuff.

Or you can just let Apple's results speak for themselves...

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