Tim Cook: We are on the verge of major changes to media, and Apple will be part of that

Tim Cook thinks we’re on the edge of “major, major changes in media that are going to be really great for consumers” and he expects Apple to be a part of it.

Apple made waves in April when it announced that Apple TV users could buy a $US15 subscription to HBO Now to get all of the network’s content without needing a cable subscription.

When asked about that move on Apple’s Q1 earnings call, Cook hinted that there might be more to come.

Speaking about the company’s recent partnership with HBO, he said, “We are marrying their great content, our great product and ecosystem,” Cook said. “There is a lot of traction in there, where could it go? I don’t want to speculate, but you can speculate….”

He says that the company is focused on giving customers something they want, with Apple’s “classic ease of use.”

The introduction of HBO Now — as well as the increasing popularity of online TV subscription streaming services like Netflix, Sling TV, and Hulu Plus — spells bad news for traditional TV industry. It could be that Apple wants to throw itself further into the ring.

In March, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple was planning a web-based TV streaming service, which would launch in the fall but be tied to a new Apple TV that the company is believed to be announcing in June.

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