Apple’s Design Guru Jony Ive Now Owns Steve Jobs’ Private Jet

Gulfstream g450 private jet

Jony Ive, Apple’s senior vice president of design, has been flying in style.

According to a recent Businessweek interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, Ive currently owns a 15-seat Gulfstream jet, a private jet that used to be owned by the late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs.

Ive purchased the Gulfstream from Laurene Powell Jobs “at a discount,” according to Businessweek, and even helped Jobs design the interior.

Ive reportedly told a friend jokingly that “At least I don’t have to redesign anything.”

Ive isn’t the only Apple executive to own a private jet. Beats CEO Dr. Dre, who joined Apple’s team in May, recently posted a picture of himself and artist Gwen Stefani on the way to Apple’s iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcement.