Tim Cook names the next big frontiers for Apple: The home, the car, and health

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Apple CEO Tim Cook phoned in to Jim Cramer, the star host of CNBC’s “Mad Money,” and shared what he thinks are the next big three frontiers for Apple.

When Cramer asked Cook if he sees the car and the home as the next big frontiers for Apple, Cook responded, “I think those are the two big ones.”

Then he continued, “I think health may be the biggest one of all.”

He continued, “Because for years — people have depended on strictly somebody else to determine their health. And now these devices in essence, empower people to manage and track their own health and fitness. And so I think that market is probably significantly underestimated.”

Apple is placing a huge bet on three areas — health, car, and home — to expand its iOS platform. In 2014, it released developer platforms called Car Play, HomeKit, and HealthKit so developers can create apps for those areas. Recently, reports also emerged that Apple is looking into designing its own car.

This week, Apple released a new developer framework called ResearchKit and there are already five apps for it. Cook revealed during the call with Cramer that more than 11,000 iPhone users signed up for a study on cardiovascular disease through Stanford University’s app.

“It would have taken normally 50 medical centres an entire year to sign up that many participants. So, this is– ResearchKit is an absolute game changer,” he said.

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