Tim Cook Told A Room Of Investors That Facebook Is 'The One Company That Is Closest To Being Like Apple'

tim cook

Photo: AP

Tim Cook appears to have a great deal of admiration for Facebook.In Adam Lashinsky’s latest mega-report on the state of Apple, he says Tim Cook told a room full of Apple investors Facebook is, “the one company that is closest to being like Apple.” He also said he had a lot of respect for the company, and he thinks the two should work together.

Why did Cook dole out such high praise? Lashinsky doesn’t say.

However, Steve Jobs told his biographer that he admires Zuckerberg for not selling out. He admired him for wanting to build a company.

Perhaps it’s Zuckerberg’s focus on building a true, and lasting, company that makes Facebook a lot like Apple in Cook’s opinion.

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