Tim Cook: I Get 700-800 Emails A Day From Customers, And I Read The Majority Of Them

Apple is doing a little bit of media in honour of the 30th anniversary of the Mac.

Tonight, ABC has an interview with CEO Tim Cook, Mac engineering leader Craig Federighi, and VP Bud Tribble.

ABC released an excerpt of the interview this morning. There isn’t much in it, but one fun detail comes from Cook: He gets about 700-800 emails daily and says he reads the majority of them. “I’m a workaholic.”

(Cook wakes up at 3:45 AM, which gives him time to read all those emails.)

He’s also asked about a big screen iPhone, and says he has nothing to say on that. He’s asked about the iWatch, and says he can’t say. He then tosses off a joke that Apple is doing a “ring”.

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