Tim Cook Got Emotional When He Introduced The Apple Watch

Tim CookBusiness Insider/Julie BortApple CEO Tim Cook

Tim Cook has been waiting years to utter the famous words, “One more thing.”

That’s a phrase that the late Steve Jobs is famous for. He said it at the end of many public presentations, right before introducing Apple’s latest, greatest, sometimes mind-blowing new gadget or technology.

On Tuesday, Cook revealed the Apple Watch, the first new product under his watch. He could now thumb his nose at pundits who say Apple’s innovation died three years ago when Jobs passed away.

There were still homages being paid to Jobs throughout the event. For instance, Apple’s event was held at the Flint Center, the same venue where Jobs revealed the original Macintosh 30 years ago.

So after the new iPhones were discussed and Apple Pay announced, Cook turned to the audience with a gleam in his eye and said, “We’re not quite finished yet … we have one more thing.”

“We love to make products that really enrich people’s lives. We love to make technology more personal,” Cook said, and his voice began to quiver. “We worked incredibly hard for a long time on a new product …
I am so excited and so proud.”

… and when the Apple Watch was finally revealed and the crowd stood and cheered.

Cook was clearly moved by it all.

Before signing off he gave a heartfelt thanks to Jony Ive, Jeff Williams (engineering), Craig Federighi (iOS 8), and Eddy Cue (for Apple Pay). He asked all the Apple employees who worked on the products to stand up and take a bow.

Then backstage with his new iPhone 6 Cook tweeted:

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