Minutes before the iPhone reveal, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweets that something was missing

Apple CEO Tim Cook. Picture: Getty Images

Minutes before Apple is set to kick off it’s biggest hardware event of the year, Apple CEO Tim Cook appears to be missing something very important.

On Wednesday, just five minutes before the Apple event was scheduled to begin, Cook sent a Tweet that said, “No. Who can get it here quickly?”

The Tweet has since been deleted, but Business Insider screengrabbed it just in time:

Tim Cook tweetTim Cook/Twitter

Many people on Twitter, including us, thought that Cook likely intended to send it as a direct message on Twitter instead of a post that could be viewed by the general public. But, as it turns out, Apple had planned it all along, and the tweet was included in an opening video sketch at the start of the keynote.

Business Insider is covering the Apple event live – click here to follow along.

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