Tim Cook deleted the blurry Super Bowl photo the internet thought was hilarious

Apple CEO Tim Cook attended the Super Bowl in Santa Clara, California over the weekend, and shortly after the Denver Broncos won and stormed the field, he tweeted out a photo of the scene.

That tweet and its photo has now been deleted.

One reason why Cook might have been sheepish about his post is that the internet turned his photo into a snarky meme. The original image was taken in low-light and was blurry, which gave other wisecracking Twitter users the opportunity to make jokes at Cook and Apple’s expense.

The out-of-focus photo prompted jokes playing off of Apple’s famous “Shot on iPhone” marketing campaign and questions whether Cook was using a years-old iPhone. 

About an hour later, Cook tweeted a much clearer photo from an iPad. That tweet is still available.


We’ve reached out to Apple as to why Cook deleted the tweet and will update if we hear back. 

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