'No,' barista tells Tim Cook, 'we don't take Apple Pay'

Tim CookDrew Angerer/Getty ImagesApple CEO Tim Cook

Apple Pay, the pay-with-your-iPhone-or-Apple-Watch service may be accepted in over 1 million places, but even Apple CEO Tim Cook can’t quite live his life using it.

While attending the annual Allen & Co conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, reporters from The Information shared this funny story of spotting Cook:

“Do you take Apple Pay?” Cook asked as he was buying coffee at a quaint German restaurant called “Konditorei.” The barista said no.

When it was launched in 2014, Apple Pay was hailed as revolutionary. People thought that Apple was going to do for credit cards what it did for music, stick itself in the middle, generate big bucks for Apple, and then dominate the payments industry.

Two years later, the payment revolution is still a work in progress. Apple Pay is struggling to catch on, according to a recent BI Intelligence report. Three-quarters of the people who could use it have never tried it, that report says. For some, the technology may seem like too much fuss and bother compared to simply swiping a credit card.

So, no, the days of searching for your wallet are not quite gone, even for Tim Cook.


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