Tim Cook: 'Stay Tuned,' We Can Do More With Facebook

facebook roller hockey

Photo: Instagram / Francis Luu

“Facebook is a great company,” according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.Not exactly the consensus view on Wall Street right now!

Cook expressed his admiration for the beleaguered social-networking giant at the D10 conference, which we’re covering live.

Conference cohost Walt Mossberg pressed Cook on the lack of Facebook integration on the iPhone: “Twitter is there, but no Facebook. What’s the relationship like?”

Cook answered, “I think our relationship is good. I think we can do more with them. Stay tuned.”

“We want to provide customers a simple way to do what they want to do. Facebook has millions of customers. We want them to have the best experience on our platform.”

Apple’s Ping music-sharing social network flopped in large part because it launched without Facebook integration. Former CEO Steve Jobs said Facebook’s terms for doing a deal were “onerous.”

Cook was more generous: “They have their way of doing things. But people say that about us. It doesn’t mean you can’t work with them.”

Mossberg asked if Cook was going to kill Ping. Cook said: “I don’t know. I’m going to look at it.” 

Apple has to be enviously watching Spotify’s success with Facebook’s new Open Graph integration, which places items in users’ news feeds about the songs their friends are listening to. 

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