Tim Armstrong: "We Need To Be The Elves For the Internet"

Tim Armstrong SantaLook: Tim is talking to an Elf!

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong keeps coming up with cute ways to motivate the people at his company.First he called AOL “the world’s biggest startup,” suggesting the company was not trying to make a “turnaround” but a “start-around.”

Then a new slogan this spring: AOL’s mission is to “beat the Internet.”

Finally, on today’s earnings call, Tim explained to Wall Street analysts – you know, the people eager to know why AOL had missed Wall Street’s very low expectations for the second quarter in a row – that what AOLers really need to do to turn the company around is think of themselves as elves.

Yep. Elves – the little folks in Santa’s workshop.

“We need to be the elves for the Internet,” Tim said.  He said that employees need to “crank” to “surprise and delight” people.

He assured the analysts, “The elves are very very hard at work right now.”

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