Tim Armstrong Lays Out His Plan For AOL’s Future

Tim Armstrong has been doubling down on content creation for AOL’s future with acquisitions and targeted investments in particular sectors.

Armstrong gave an interview to our editor-in-chief Henry Blodget last week about what kind of company AOL has become, and what company the CEO is hoping to build for the future:

“In the content business, we are investing into what may not be popular in the time period, which is people think that the content businesses are expensive, and they don’t look like the platform businesses , but in reality if you look at a Huffington Post, or a Tech Crunch, or Business Insider, you see growing traffic, growing brand importance.”

AOL has recently made significant investments in its video department with acquisitions and changing its other properties around video, to grow its video-related revenue from $0 to $100 million over 2 years.

“Doing these things in a very specific, very targeted way with lots of scale behind them, actually is a very meaningful revenue and profit potential for investors,” said Armstrong.

Watch below an excerpt from the interview.



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