AOL's Tim Armstrong Just Gave A Mustang Convertible To An Ad Exec

tim armstrong, pointing

Tim Armstrong must have been watching Oprah reruns because the AOL CEO gave a free Ford Mustang convertible to an ad agency media manager attending the company’s digital content NewFront Tuesday.Ad Age reports that after Arianna Huffington and Armstrong bantered at the end of the event, Armstrong instructed attendees to look under their chairs for a key.

Although three people had keys (one blue, one yellow, one red), only one would win a car. How did they figure it out? Marlo Thomas liked the colour yellow the best.

Jenna Dorfman, a media manager at agency 360i, won the $30,000 car.

Considering that she hasn’t driven in almost a decade, she was quite surprised. “I haven’t driven since high school, but it looks like a New York licence is in order now!” she told Ad Age.

Another potential surprise? The gift taxes she will probably end up paying on the pricey car. (Both AOL and Dorfman didn’t immediately respond to questions about who would foot the bill come next April).

AOL did pledge to pay $1 for to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for every mile Dorfman drives.

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