AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Declines To Take Questions At Women's Conference

At the Makers Conference in Southern California on Tuesday, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong took the stage. But it wasn’t to discuss any “distressed babies” that landed him in hot water recently.

In fact, he didn’t take any questions at all.

Instead, the Makers Conference shuffled around the schedule a little bit (Armstrong was supposed to talk in one of the morning sessions) so that he could interview Sam Gordon, a now 10-year-old football player who made headlines in 2012 when she made 65 tackles and 25 touchdowns while playing against male teams. Her dad posted a highlight reel on YouTube, which went viral.

Although the focus was definitely on Sam — as it should have been, seeing as how this is a conference meant to inspire women — at least one attendee called out the fact that he didn’t take any questions:

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