People are loving this TikToker’s tour of the former elementary school his family converted into their home

Tiktok school home
A video of a school that was transformed into a home is racking up millions of views on TikTok. @riley.lh/TikTok

TikToker Riley Hansen is racking up millions of views with video tours of the former school he said his family transformed into a home.

Hansen, whose username is @riley.lh on TikTok, posted a video on March 9 showing off some odd aspects of his family’s living situation, like locker room showers, an indoor pool, a rotating television, and a massive flat rooftop. He did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The video had more than 18 million views and 4 million likes at the time of writing, and other TikTokers seem fascinated by their lifestyle.

“I’ve always wanted to turn a school into a house!” one TikToker commented. “Imagine playing hide and seek,” wrote another.

Hansen said that his family has renovated parts of the school since moving in four years ago.

@riley.lh Reply to @seanedwards301 The school is an on going project, it seems like we are allways remodeling it.

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We don’t know where the school is located, but the family has an American flag planted outside their home.

Hansen toured the bedrooms in one TikTok. He said that the family uses classrooms as bedrooms, and multiple people sleep in each room. We don’t know how many people live in the school, but Hansen said in the following video that there are only five bedrooms, and no one has their own room.

@riley.lh Reply to @alexjarbeau This is an on going project that is allways changing, and it takes alot of time and money to make these projects happen.

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Living in a school allowed the family to have a vast kitchen where the cafeteria used to be, Hansen said on TikTok.

While the exterior and hallways look like a typical school, more videos show renovated bathrooms and bedrooms, some of which have carpet flooring.

@riley.lh Reply to @wadekessler We do actually live in and own the school

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Hansen also shared some unique features of his school home, like its original playground, outdoor basketball court, and indoor pool. Hansen said in the video that the pool is an outdoor pool they set up inside.

@riley.lh I hope this answers some of your questions, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask

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Another unique feature of the home is the long, flat rooftop, where Hansen said he and his family string up lights and hang out in the summers. Eventually, he said in the video, his family wants to build greenhouses up there.

In another video, Hansen toyed with the idea of living in the school amid a zombie apocalypse. He said that the building would be a safe place because the windows are high up and made of safety glass, and the doors are thick. The school also has a gate that locks away all the classrooms, which in this case, are bedrooms.

One TikToker commented asking Hansen why someone would want to live in a school. He responded by describing the school’s vast interior as a blank canvas for creating.

“Because it’s so big, there are absolutely no limitations of what you can make in it,” he said on TikTok.

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