A girl on TikTok sent a photo of Harry Styles’ racy album artwork to a guy asking for nudes, and it worked

Harry Styles has some seductive artwork for his album ‘Fine Line.’ Rich Fury / Getty Images
  • A TikTok user had an inventive way of fooling a guy who asked for nudes: She sent him a photo of Harry Styles’ butt.
  • Styles has some racy artwork for his album “Fine Line.” In one photo he is completely naked and lying against a yellow background with his legs seductively crossed.
  • The TikToker, Shannon O’Brien, showed how to get away with the trick in the video. She took a picture of the poster, zooming in on Styles’ behind to give the illusion of anonymity.
  • She then sent the photo to a man called Miguel on Snapchat.
  • “LADIES if he asks for pics send him something special!” she wrote in the caption. Styles’ single “Watermelon Sugar” played in the background.
  • Miguel clearly fell for the trick and messaged her back saying, “Teasing arse mf [motherf—–]” as the two girls in the video laugh at their ingenuity.
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@lispbitchhLADIES if he asks for pics send him something special! repost bct*ktok hates us #foryoupage#fyp#harrystyles#onedirection#hack#protip#viral

lWatermelon Sugar – Harry Styles

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