A TikTok user makes unconventional recipes by throwing everything from cookie dough to bubble gum into his air fryer

@airfryerguy/TikTokTikTok’s @airfryerguy has experimented by putting instant noodles and bubble gum in the machine.
  • TikTok user @airfryerguy uses his air fryer to cook almost anything, from cookie cakes to entire breakfast meals.
  • He also puts unexpected ingredients in his air fryer, like bubble gum, bananas, and Starburst, and films the results, which aren’t always edible.
  • The TikTok creator has also shared tips for making the most of the gadget, such as placing parchment paper at the bottom for easy cleanup.
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TikTok user @airfryerguy is willing to drop just about any food into his air fryer to see what happens, and his videos have gained him millions of views on the platform.

For example, he cracked an egg on a piece of untoasted bread and placed it in the air fryer with a piece of raw bacon for 7 minutes at about 380 degrees Fahrenheit. The result was a speedy and seemingly finished-looking breakfast.

@airfryerguyBreakfast hack ##airfryerguy##breakfast##airfryer

lBeautiful Breakfast – airfryerguy

He also showed fans how to make a simple cookie cake in just 11 minutes using a pack of dough.

@airfryerguyCookie dough hits different in the air fryer ##cookiedough##airfryer##airfryerguy##airfryerdessert

lCookie Dough Song – airfryerguy

He gave viewers a tutorial on how to make crispy instant ramen noodles in 15 seconds by mixing in an egg with the packaged ingredients before putting it in the air fryer.

@airfryerguyCrispy noodles in the air fryer!! ##airfryernoodles##ramen##airfryerguy##iwontletyoudown

lFollow Me On TikTok – airfryerguy

He also shares genius air fryer hacks, like putting parchment paper inside the bottom of the machine so nothing gets stuck.

@airfryerguyCookie dough hits different in the air fryer ##cookiedough##airfryer##airfryerguy##airfryerdessert

lCookie Dough Song – airfryerguy

Some of his videos are more experimental. For example, he’s shown users what happens when you put an entire package of bubble gum or Starburst – or even bananas – in the air fryer. (Spoiler: It doesn’t always result in something edible.)

@airfryerguyBubblegum vs Air Fryer ##airfryerguy##airfryerrecipes##bubblegum##hubbabubba

lAir Fryer Guy – airfryerguy

Food hacks have taken over TikTok, with creators gaining millions of views for showing users how to do things like store avocados and turn carrots into bacon.

TikTok user @airfryerguy did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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