TikTok users are making elaborate memes inspired by the Instagram-famous egg

Tag Williams/TikTokInstagram’s famous egg has invaded TikTok videos.
  • The photo of a brown egg that became the most-liked picture on Instagram has gone viral all over the internet.
  • On TikTok, people are making creative funny videos with it.
  • There are elaborate skits, dance routines, and egg makeup tutorials.
  • It’s a form of meme culture that flourishes more on TikTok than Instagram.

Ever since a brown egg cracked Instagram’s record this week as its most-liked image, other people have been trying to get in on the hype. YouTubers like PewDiePie made videos about it, and Logan Paul invited it to his podcast. And the egg account itself, too, has kept up interest by posting a daily flood of memes to Instagram stories.

But it’s on TikTok where the egg content is flourishing. Users have been making elaborate skits celebrating the egg, in all its eggcellency.

If you peruse the hashtags #egggang and #worldrecordegg, you’ll find delightful egg videos.

Take this skit, for example

Or this choreographed dance routine

A lot of them are about the egg’s smooth-surfaced inscrutability

In a lot of the videos, the egg breaks

Egg-based nursery rhymes are also the basis for some memes

Riffing off the viral potato makeup tutorial, some people are making them with brown eggs

The scariest video is from someone who put egg faces all over their family photos

There are egg memes flourishing on Instagram, too, of course, but most are not being made with the same creativity as the ones you’ll find on TikTok.

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Instagram’s egg memes are mostly static images, like the kinds you’d find anywhere else on the internet. And they tend to be centralised, too, in the Instagram stories of the original @world_record_egg account.

But because of TikTok’s clever editing tools, TikTok users are pushing the memes to the next level with funny videos and the community’s own sense of humour. Most egg-celent.

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