Here's How To Play Pick-Up Basketball With An Ex-NBA Star For $1,000 (Thanks To Tiki Barber)

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Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

After a brief career in TV, ex-NFL player Tiki Barber is going into the business world.He co-founded a company called Thuzio — a booking website where normal people can hire current and former athletes for a wide variety of purposes.

The site’s roster includes ex-players like Vin Baker, Larry Holmes, and Fred McGriff, as well as current players like Martellus Bennett of the Giants and Danny Green of the Spurs.

It’s being marketed as a gift for die-hard fans.

The price varies by the player and the activity. It costs $500 to have lunch with Tiki Barber, $2,500 to play golf with Derrick Coleman, $7,500 to have Pierre Garcon come to your Bar Mitzvah, and $20,000 to have R.A. Dickey make an appearance at your company’s promotional event.

To get an idea of how it works, we took a look at how hard it would be to hire former NBA star Vin Baker to come play pick-up basketball with us.

Here’s what we found.

First step, go to

You can browse by sport. But we already know we want Vin Baker so we search for him

There he is

This is what the each athlete page looks like

There's a section for individual accolades

One draw back: you have to pay extra if you live outside the player's booking area

The player page contains a menu of activities and prices that the player offers

Here's what we want: Pick-up game for $1,000 per hour

You put in your desired date, time, and location

Then you sign in and give them all your information

We didn't actually pay (don't have $1,000 to burn) but Thuzio says you get a confirmation like this with 48 hours if everything is in order

If all goes well, an ex-NBA star could be in your backyard playing hoops. Just like that!

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