Tiki Barber Finally Married The 24-Year-Old Intern He Left His Pregnant Wife For

tiki barber and traci lynn jonhson marriedTiki and a signifcantly taller Traci-Lynn Johnson

Photo: Getty Images

Tiki Barber, who left his pregnant wife Ginny, finally married the 24-year-old intern he was having an affair with, according to the New York Post.The two wed at Manhattan Marriage Bureau yesterday.

The wedding was held up multiple times because of problems with Barber and former wife Ginny’s divorce. But Barber and Ginny finally settled the divorce just eight days ago.

Barber began dating his now wife, Traci-Lynn Johnson, while she was an intern at NBC, when Barber was working there.

Barber told the Post: “It’s a great day. We’re finally getting married.”

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