Swiss Tightrope Walker Aims To Set Seven Records In Seven Days

Where others take the cable car, Freddy Nock knows he can just hop on top of the steel wire and walk up to the peak.

The Swiss tightrope expert has already inched his way up or down four mountains in Germany, Austria and Switzerland this week.

His aim is to set seven records in seven days by going higher or further than anyone dared go before.

On Thursday, the 46-year-old was saddling up near Bern, the Swiss capital, in a bid to cycle across a wire strung between two cranes 50 meters (164ft) above the ground.

Nock, who never uses a safety harness during his stunts, is donating proceeds from his week long daredevil tour to charity.

This was Nock on Monday:

And this is Nock doing his day job:

This post originally appeared on The Daily Edge.