Tiger Woods Will Be The Pitchman For A Japanese Heat Rub

tiger woods flex

Photo: Golf Digest

NAGOYA, Japan (AP) — Tiger Woods has been hired as a pitchman for a Japanese heat rub used to relieve muscle and joint pain.”Kowa Company Ltd. is pleased to announce the use of Tiger Woods as the image character of Antiphlogistic Analgetic Vantelin Kowa series,” the Nagoya-based company said in a press release.

The TV commercial with Woods will debut nationally in Japan from mid-July.

Woods has not played since May 12, when he withdrew after nine holes from The Players Championship with knee and Achilles injuries. He said on Tuesday he had no planned timetable for his return, and it would only be when he was 100 per cent.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka, who is sidelined after elbow reconstruction surgery, has also promoted the Vantelin heat rub on Japanese TV.

It isn’t the first time Woods has promoted products in Japan. He also appeared in TV commercials for canned iced coffee in the late 90s.

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