Tiger Woods' Nightmare US Open In 4 Awful Shots

Tiger Woods took himself out of contention at the U.S. Open with a six-over 76 on Saturday. 

He’s sleepwalking through his final round right now, hanging around +13 for the tournament. 

Tiger has hit a handful of good shots this week. But his putting has been terrible, he has been a mess around the greens, and an elbow injury has given him obvious pain.

Here’s Tiger’s disastrous 2013 U.S. Open in four shots.

1. He chipped it backwards:

2. He missed a par putt on 18, and Lindsey Vonn was dumbfounded (via SB Nation):

3. You know he’s struggling when he missed a TWO FOOT putt (via SB Nation):

4. And the hurt-arm grimace from Thursday, which has been hanging over him all tournament:

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