The Golf World Has Never Seen Anything Like The Meltdown Tiger Woods Is Going Through

Tiger Woods posted one of the worst nine-hole scores of his career on Friday, shooting an 8-over 44 in the second round of the Phoenix Open.

He had four pars, three bogeys, a double bogey, and a triple bogey.

Most alarmingly, he continued to have problems chipping. After Woods flubbed numerous chips during his opening round Thursday, the Golf Channel’s lead analyst Brandel Chamblee said he had never seen a professional that bad around the greens.

“These are some of the most friendly turf conditions that the players will face all year long, and Tiger Woods was as bad, not as I’ve ever seen him, not as bad as I’ve ever seen another tour pro, the worst I’ve ever seen a tour pro around the greens, and it is a long way from there to playing competitive golf again,” he said.

Things went from bad to unfathomably bad on Friday.

The Golf Channel’s “Tiger Tracker” — a Twitter account that has been live-tweeting every single shot Tiger has taken over the past few years — tweeted that this was unlike anything it had ever seen from the former best player alive:

The rest of the golf world can’t believe it:

The really bad part is that the Phoenix Open is traditionally a relatively easy course that the pros dismantle. 

Tiger is still less than a year removed from major back surgery. He also just hired a new swing coach. But this isn’t just him looking a little rusty, this is him looking like a non-professional golfer.

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