Tiger Woods Read All Of Your Nasty Comments In The Aftermath Of His Sex Scandal

Tiger Woods

Photo: AP

From Hank Haney’s new book, another juicy piece of gossip about Tiger Woods: Tiger surfed gossip websites for stories about himself in the months after his sex scandal.But that’s not all, Haney writes (emphasis ours):

“A couple of times he suddenly said, ‘Uh-oh, here’s another story,’ before immersing himself in it. Worse, he was reading the comments from readers, many of them vicious cheap shots.


We don’t know what it’s like to suffer one of the worst falls from grace in sports history, but we imagine that reading internet comments is perhaps the worst thing you could possibly do.

Haney frames Tiger’s┬ácuriosity as part of the broader psychological turmoil he was experiencing in the months after the scandal. Bad call, Tiger.

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