Tiger Woods Was A Fool For Even Bothering To Show Up At The Players

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods withdrew from the Players Championship after shooting a horrendous six-over par 42 on his first nine holes. 

It was the first time he had played in four and half weeks, thanks to a MCL sprain, and soreness in his achilles.

He should have waited five and half weeks to get in another tournament, if not longer.

Tiger is rusty and injured. Coming back prematurely on a gimpy knee at tournament that gives him fits does more harm than good.

(He has traditionally struggled at the Players Championship. He withdrew last year after a weak performance with a mysterious neck injury.)

He started getting in the groove of stroking the ball at the Masters. But, now he’s following up that decent performance with a real clunker.

For a guy that is struggling with mental issues for the first time in his career, this is the last thing he needed.

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