A $10 million winner-takes-all competition between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson fell through the cracks but could still happen

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  • Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson nearly competed in a $US10 million, 18-hole death match in Las Vegas on Tuesday, but the plans fell through.
  • According to a report, the match had been in the making for several months and had a TV network and corporate sponsors lined up.
  • The two sides are still trying to plan for another date.

On Tuesday, the golf world nearly got a showdown between two of the game’s biggest names.

According to Golf.com’s Alan Shipnuck, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson planned a $US10 million, 18-hole, winner-takes-all competition in Las Vegas, but plans fell through. The competition even reportedly had a TV network and corporate sponsors lined up, but the two sides could not get it done in time for Tuesday.

According to Shipnuck, the two sides are working on another competition at a later date.

“We’re working on a different date,” Mickelson told Shipnuck. “I thought it was done for the third, but obviously it wasn’t.”

As Shipnuck noted, there were some clues that a competition may have been coming. Woods and Mickelson had a much-hyped practice round before the Masters this year.

When Woods and Mickelson were paired together in the Players Championship in May, Mickelson said: “The excitement that’s been going on around here, it gets me thinking: Why don’t we just bypass all the ancillary stuff of a tournament and just go head-to-head and just have kind of a high-stakes, winner-take-all match? Now, I don’t know if he wants a piece of me, but I just think it would be something that would be really fun for us to do, and I think there would be a lot of interest in it if we just went straight to the final round.”

According to Shipnuck, negotiations were already underway at that point.

Mickelson and Woods have been longtime rivals on the course, but in recent years their rivalry has turned friendlier. Mickelson said the two getting closer over their careers allowed such ideas to happen.

“As we’ve developed a good relationship, we’ve started to collaborate on some other things that have allowed us to achieve things that we couldn’t do on our own,” Mickelson told Shipnuck. “Like this match. I couldn’t do it on my own. He couldn’t do it on his own. But together, we’re [trying] to create something pretty special.”

As for the price, Mickelson said they’re both in over their heads.

“It’s a ridiculous amount of money,” Mickelson says. “No matter how much money you have, this amount will take both of us out of our comfort zone.”

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